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We offer a wide range of Web Development Services. Our services include web design, web development, app development, SEO & more.


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Domain Registration and Webhosting

We are committed to providing high-quality, low-cost web hosting for businesses and eCommerce websites. We help clients register for a domain name under a variety of extensions (.com, .org, .net, .biz, .info).

E-Commerce Development

An online store is available all day, every day meaning your customers can visit your store at all times, no matter what their schedule might be. Our experts build websites which are best in standard features and functionalities.

Search Engine Optimization

We first analyze a web site, followed by a step-by-step plan to have the website communicate keywords more effectively to search engines. Our ultimate goal is to get our clients more visitors and higher conversion of sales and leads.

Web Design And Development

We turn your ideas into a reality. We define your competition and target audience. Discover what is working in your online industry, then design your website accordingly.

WordPress Development

At Webster, ‘WordPress’ is our strong suit, and we endeavor to offer you WordPress theme customization services that lets you transform your themes to solutions that are all-inclusive, versatile, and riveting.

Mobile Application Development

We offer a range of mobile web services. This includes mobile design, strategy, and application development. Our professional team works hard to fit your needs by integrating the latest technologies in your startups. Your project will go easier with our mobile application for your iOS or Android device. Designed by our team for your convenience.


A Unique Design
Stand out from the crowd with an original design crafted to reinforce your branding and core messaging. The design will be appropriate to your business type.
Pages Built For You
We’ll do all the hard work and create all of the pages, adding in your content and styling it using the unique design styles we will have created for the site.
Blog and Blog Posts
We’ll set up a blog page and publish your blog posts. Blogging can help with search engine optimisation as it allows you to easily publish fresh content on the website.
Having an SSL certificate on your site will help your site rank better as Google has said that HTTPS is a ‘ranking signal’. It’s also great for protecting privacy. So we’ll install one of the free SSL certificates onto the website.
Newsletter Sign Up
We’ll create an attractive newsletter sign up form that connects with your newsletter service (e.g. MailChimp), so visitors can subscribe to your newsletter from their website.
Mobile Friendly
Your website will look great on a mobile phone and tablet – with it adapting in size so the content is readable, the navigation turns into a ‘hamburger style’ button and you don’t lose the valuable traffic or rankings from mobile search.
The Popular WordPress CMS
CMS stands for ‘content management system’. It’s the software that’s on your website that allows you to login and make updates. We use the very popular WordPress CMS which powers around 25% of the world wide web’s websites.
Images & Photoshopping
We’ll get your images ready for the web with some photo-shopping work such as as cropping, resizing and compression.
Homepage Slideshow
The slideshow will go onto one page (normally the homepage) and will have a fade-in, fade-out effect or a slide-in, slide-out effect. You will be able to edit the slideshow yourself.
Easy to use Forms
We will create a simple enquiry form to get you started. It will have the basic input fields you’d expect and we’ll add stuff to stop spam. Enquiries are emailed to you and saved onto the website so you can download them as a CSV file and import them into other systems.
Pretty Fonts
We will use modern, attractive, appropriate and easy to read fonts on your website using either standard web-safe fonts, or fonts from Google Web Fonts.
Search Engine Friendly
We’ll optimize the website pages for the search phrases people will use to find your type of business online. While we can’t guarantee any particular ranking. We’ve got years of experience and while it may not happen overnight if you’ve got a brand new site, it will eventually.
Locking out the Baddies
There’s lots of baddies online these days and they want to break and infect websites for their own nefarious ends. While we can not offer any guarantees of safety, we will certainly make things much harder for them.
The Need for Speed
The speed of your website can affect your positioning in the search engines. So to help with that, we’ll use software that will improve the speed of the site. We will also resize and optimise your images to help with page load times.
Grow your fan base
Social media is an important part of the marketing mix, so we will add links to your social media accounts and add a way for others to share your content on their social media sites. If you have a Facebook page for your business we’ll embed the Facebook box onto the website so visitors can like your Facebook page directly from your website.
Measure Results
Measure and track visitors to your website with Google Analytics. We’ll show you how to set up your account directly with Google (if you don’t already have one) and we’ll add the tracking code to your website. We’ll also include video tutorials on how to understand the analytics.
Getting into Search
To help get your website into the search engines we will add what’s called an ‘XML’ sitemap. This simply lists all of the pages on your website in a format that search engines can download and read.
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