WordPress has become primarily place to create a website. More importantly, it has introduced countless plugins that have been very useful for many website owners. Our topic in this post will talk about a WordPress plugin named WooCommerce.

Currently, WooCommerce holds the spot for the best e-commerce platform in the market. Not only that it’s easy to use, but its pricing is also very flexible, allowing more people to use the service without overspending. But more about that later, because here are the essential reasons that you should know before picking WooCommerce.

1. Price point

No one would like to spend so much money on a service that isn’t worth it. Good thing, WooCommerce delivers everything that it promises in a flexible pricing range. If you’re not convinced yet of what they have in store, then you can make use of their free service, which is also an excellent option for online business neophytes.

2. Expansive features

Since WooCommerce is much like WordPress, users may have access to so many features and plug-ins that are offered on both platforms. While the numbers are overwhelming, there are several websites you can find online to check what plug-ins or tools to use for your specific endeavor.

3. Diversity and freedom

WooCommerce promotes client freedom; that’s why they don’t put too many limits on the products they allow on their platform. It means that products that are likely to sell such that aren’t granted in several websites can be taken advantage here.

4. Never-ending customer support

Even if you’ve been using the service for an extended period, WooCommerce would still retain all their efforts to help you with any concern. You can look at it as an aftersales service.

Aside from that is also an expanding developer community that is continually pumping out content for users. It would allow you to quickly gain control access over the backend of your website without exerting too much effort.

5. Data tracking and analytics

A robust data tracking system is also available for you to know the behavior of your clients. It would allow you to build different strategies and techniques to increase your sales. If you want more options, WooCommerce has also integrated third-party analytics systems which you can freely use to know the statistics of your platform.

6. Arrangement and organization

WooCommerce is unmatched when it comes to organizing content. By only using their beginner-friendly tools, you can quickly transform your platform into something that would look professional.

With the WordPress partnership, you can easily access different types of features that concern content and gaining exposure. Things like blogging, e-mail lists, and comprehensive product details are available for anyone to use.


WooCommerce also boasts a large user base which is live evidence that many sellers around the world trust their service. If you’re looking for e-commerce that will help you step up your game, then definitely give WooCommerce a try.
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