The challenges and limitations of a website builder

The challenges and limitations of a website builder

Seeking every possible shortcut for some complex task is human nature. People want
something to be done with minimal or almost zero effort. Something similar is evident when it
comes to building websites too. Yes! You read it right. Many people today look for some
shortcuts even for lengthy and highly skilled tasks like this one. And as the rule suggests: as
the demand; so the supply.

Today there are a number of website builders available online that enable the user to make a
website of different types in much less time as all the features and elements are readily
available, and all that one has to do is just add them. They do look really attractive,
interactive and drive a gut feeling inside you with regards to its functionality too. But wait! Not
everything that glitters is gold.
Why is being dependent on a website builder for your business in the long run a bad idea?
What are the limitations of a website builder that you must consider before using one? To get
answers to all these ensure you don’t use a shortcut for this blog and you read the entire

What Is A Website Builder?

Firstly, let’s understand what exactly a website builder is. These are typically tools that enable its users to construct a website without manually editing codes.

These are basically of two types: First, Online proprietary tools that are provided by web hosting service companies. These are meant for service users to build their own website. Second, application software that often runs on a personal computing device which are first used to create pages of a website and later publish them on any host.

Website builders are available in both online as well as offline mode. In an offline sense, one first needs to install the website builder on the device to access it. The online mode on other hand is run through a web application, hence no software needs to be installed for the same. Knowing this part about website builders might make you fall for this option to make websites. But as mentioned above, this shortcut of building websites comes with tons of limitations. Further in this blog we’ll be enlightening you about the same.

Limitations Of Website Builders

Even after making a website via website builders, one would still require some additional knowledge to make the website perform well on the search engine. One also needs to consider things like computer monitor size, the website layout on mobile phone etc. While these are yet not a big concern. There are some severe disadvantages a website builder has.

Poor Mobile Experience

Today, the number of users browsing on mobile has remarkably surpassed those using desktop. Approx. 50% of web traffic is accessed through mobile and is expected to increase further in coming years. Hence, mobile experience for any website does matter a lot. When you encounter a flaw regarding how the website would look on mobile, that’s the checkmate! The website builder does not come with the advantage of customising the website according to the device requirements.

Incorrect Look For Websites

You believe this or not, the website preview that most of the website builders out there show
you isn’t always accurate. Hence, you end up wasting your precious time in creating a
website that finally didn’t match your website’s high quality requirements. Then there’s no
wonder you’re bound to get frustrated.


At first glance, website builders appear to be easy peasy lemon squeezy. But that’s the twist. As you proceed with dealing with links, customizing pages, image resizing, they turnout to be a hectic task. Eventually this will drain your entire time in the process and you’ll be left at the mercy of the website builder’s accessibility.

Limited Templates

A lot of website builders provide its users with very limited templates on which very little elements can be added. Once the already provided gaps for text and images are become occupied, there’s nothing much a user can do further. So, in future if you have plans to add something interesting on the website, you simply won’t be able to do that.

Absence Of SEO Elements

If you possess even the basic information about websites, you must be aware of the key role that SEO plays in the growth and reach of a website to the audience. And if you’re planning to build your website via any of those website builders, then you have to swallow a bitter pill. The fact says that, these website builders very often do not employ the SEO generation in their process of creating a website. Even the source of collecting leads and converting them to customers isn’t quite possible. There are a considerable amount of back-end coding elements in terms of SEO which a website builder often overlooks.


Website builders are undoubtedly lighter on your pocket. But it entails various other sacrifices that its users have to make. This includes the uniqueness, professionalism, performance, features and overall growth of the website. Additionally, this also lacks the SEO requirements which won’t aid you in converting leads into your customers. In a nutshell, a website builder won’t help you in making progress in your business in the long run.

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