Redesigning Your Website? Here are Some Surefire Tips to Help!

Redesigning Your Website? Here are Some Surefire Tips to Help!

Web design should never be underestimated. It’s the main reason people stay on your website; either your design is pleasing to the eyes, or it’s easy to navigate. If you’re planning on redesigning your website, you have to reconsider a lot of things. In this article, we’ll help you with that by providing some helpful tips that you can do right away.

Website Loading Speed

One of the most important factors when building a website is choosing your hosting provider. Not only will it determine the quality of your owner’s experience, but it will also reflect on the users’ side. The website speed optimization can be improved by selecting a more advanced web hosting provider, but this usually comes with an increase in pricing. Whatever the growth is, we’re still recommending this investment as many people highly appreciate fast-loading websites, and they’re likely to come back again.

Keep in Mind About Mobile-Users

When designing a website, you should never forget that people will use different platforms to access yours. Most people nowadays use mobile phones, so dedicating some time to designing a mobile-friendly website is necessary. Identify your website identity and make sure that you implement it on both versions so that users won’t get confused when switching back and forth.

Redesign Your Sitemap

While sitemap functionality seems to have been lost these days, it’s still an essential factor to consider to increase the trust rating of your visitors. Not everyone can memorize websites on a whim, so having the option to view everything available on your website is a huge plus. The sitemap should be free of nuances and made as simple as possible.

Sitemaps should also be SEO friendly to increase visibility on the internet. For this one, you might want to hire an SEO specialist and have them look at your whole website and ask them what type of sitemap you need.

Focus on Your Main Audiences

Considering that the website has been in operation for some time, you’ll have a lot of idea of what your audiences are supposed to be. In this case, it is a lot better that you shift the focus of your website and craft it according to your audience so that they will stay and recommend more people with the same taste or needs.

A powerful strategy that you may use is also taking suggestions from your audience. To do this, you must first give them a platform to submit their thoughts. Having your contact e-mail address is necessary, but you may also craft a form that they can quickly fill out to voice their opinions on your website.

Avoid Using Low-quality and Unpleasing Images

Images are essential visual factors for your website. Not only do they cover a lot of space on a page, but they’re also relevant for adding more information and helping the audiences visualize what they’ll be dealing with. Several stock images may pass, and you can use them on your website, but we don’t entirely recommend using them if you want to go professional or if you’re going to stick for a long time. The best thing to do is hire photographers and have them capture images for your website. Not only is it highly customized, but you can directly communicate with your audiences if text and content aren’t enough.


Always remember that the entire focus of a website redesign is elevating your current platform. You might have some features and functionalities that are already doing wonders, so be careful not to remove them. Plan everything carefully and, if possible, consult a professional website designer to have everything planned out and make the redesign a lot faster. contact us today for your website design.

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