Secrets You Can Use for a Better Website Conversion Rate

Secrets You Can Use for a Better Website Conversion Rate

User experience or commonly known as UX is one of the most important parts of building a website, a core one to be exact. Designing a good UX for a website means that you will consider better accessibility, readability, and usability on the client-side. Improving a website’s UX is also crucial when talking about conversion rate as it turns out that it is directly proportional. Because of how important it is, we decided to make an article that would be able to help people with their digital marketing. Here are some secrets you can use to better your UX in no time.

High quality and original images

Images and texts are the backbones of website content so it’s only right that you focus more on improving these two. The images for instance should always be of high quality. As much as possible you should have the maximum resolution and upload to the website appearance isn’t stale. Has it balanced across the board as well by making sure that the resolution is the same with everything?

Stock photos are viable sometimes, but if you can provide your image for your website, it is much better. The reason is they are very limited and the quality isn’t that great since they are made for something specific and niche. Custom captured ones are a lot better since they are a lot expressive and can set a specific tone for a page or the whole website as well.

Using stock photos may also provide a different vibe for the visitors as they might think that you’re not putting enough effort into the website. Make sure that you can express your dedication perfectly so that they won’t have doubts about your products and services.

Page loading times

Who loves slow load times on their websites? No one, right? That’s why you have to make an effort to make sure that every page of your website loads fast and is not returning an error. Commitment to this feature is very important as it would sometimes require investing in a better hosting provider. However, there are some cases where some pages are just overloaded so they have to be tweaked and optimized.

A very slow page load time will surely frustrate any visitors of your website, and eventually, they might even leave to find a better alternative for your products or services. That’s a straight loss and a miss for conversion. The goal is at least to have the page load as fast as a second, or even faster. Any more than 2 seconds is just bad and would draw negative results.

Web pages are also being displayed on mobile, and in this case, you have to consider them and have proper optimizations from time to time to make sure that changes on both platforms are executed properly.

Creating quality content 

Firstly, the goal of your content more than anything else should be to provide value to your readers. If you can’t achieve this goal, then it’s unlikely that people will share or link to your page and that is going to make it more difficult for you to rank for competitive search terms.

  • Headlines  – Headlines are typically the first thing a visitor sees when landing on your website. A headline is a means of wrapping your entire service pitch into one bold sentence.
  • CTA’s (Call to action)- Perhaps not a secret at all but a call to action is very important to have better conversions on the website. The secret however is having it in the form of a button, or something that would greatly entice the audience. Having it in plain text at the end of content or an article isn’t enough as it would require that they read through your content as well.

When creating a CTA button, the text is very important. It should never be a sentence but a phrase would sometimes do. It should be catchy and relevant to the topic. CTA should always be written actively. This means that passive verbs are a no-go. Lastly, considering the text and button color is very important as well. Do your best to have it stand out in a crowd.

  • Keyword Optimization – The most valuable locations for your keywords are in your title and header tags because Google appears to put more weight on the words that are in these tags.

Remove distractions from Landing Page

The design principle of distraction is concerned with eliminating interactive page elements (primarily links) that can distract your visitor’s focus, and lead to them clicking away from your landing page and ultimately your intended conversion goal.

Add testimonials, reviews, and logos

Adding reviews to your site is one way we suggest increasing your site’s engagement. For homepages, you can also add a series of logos that instantly build trust with new visitors. Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are ideal opportunities to post customer testimonials. Video testimonials are especially helpful because video is easier to relate to than text. Potential customers who identify with previous customers anticipate they will have similar experiences.

Add live chat to your site

Live chat allows the customer to get the information they want from the company immediately. Consumers expect more from eCommerce retailers today. They need access to information that will help them make a decision in real time. Live chat offers companies a way to engage with visitors and turn them into loyal, buying customers.


Saying UX is important is an understatement. You have to do your best to make sure that visitors click more on your website or stay and read more. Improving each aspect is also suggested, and it is not best to focus on just one. Remember, UX is a combination of many things and it’s up to you to discover where you’re lacking the most. Wants to improve your website conversion rate? Contact us now

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