Website Statistics to Know to Improve Your Web Designing Experience

Website Statistics to Know to Improve Your Web Designing Experience

Web design might not be underrated, but frequently, it is overlooked by many digital marketing newcomers as they think that content is more than enough. In reality, web design is the one that carries everything, a cohesive ingredient that makes digital marketing work. To understand how everything comes to this, here are vital statistics and facts that justify our claims.

1) 75% of website credibility is all thanks to the design

Credibility is essential in the business world as it would determine whether or not your clients and audiences would be back to your service. Credibility is also the reason why people avail of your service in the first place. According to statistics, your website credibility relies heavily on your web design, which means that it is highly suggested that you invest time and resources to make your standout and appear beautiful.

To implement and use this statistic to your advantage, ensure that your web design is on par with your competitors. Look for references online and find striking templates that might be perfect for your niche. There’s no shame in using templates or pre-built ones, but make sure to make some changes to it to avoid having people say that you’re copying someone.

2) Poor user experience would drive 89% of consumers to another competitor

A beautiful design will be nothing if your website doesn’t perform consistently. Investing in this aspect isn’t even a bad deal after all since the ROI is promising. It turns out that every dollar that you would spend to improve a website’s experience will produce $100 in sales. Provided, of course that the user experience isn’t something that only works in the beginning.

To ensure that your audiences won’t have a rough time using your website, ensure that you have every essential feature ready. Navigation, for instance, is vital; have some things prepared to make their experience seamless.

Web hosting is another big deal that you should take note of when thinking about UX. Your web hosting choice would dictate the amount of time that is needed for the website to load.

3) 74% of users favor mobile-friendly websites

More than 70% of people will choose to come back to your website if it is mobile-friendly. This statistic has been made possible because of the massive commercialization of mobile phones. Even teens nowadays value their phones a lot, so to have a broader reach, you have to make sure that your website caters to different platforms and avoids restrictions.

Desktop versions of websites, while functional, aren’t designed to look right on mobile devices. It’s awkward and junky, so mobile users would have to keep this in their minds, eventually leading to them not coming back for more.

4) 66% of people favor beautifully designed websites if they’re going to stay for 15 minutes

Dull websites should belong in the past. We’re not even talking about minimalism; we’re talking about websites that are just plain and boring to look at. Minimalism is doable and can be achieved through design balance and clever color schemes, and typeface variations. The bottom line is people prefer beautiful websites if they’re staying for such a long time.

It will help them focus on the content, but it will be engaging and would be helping the site even better when it comes to retention.

5) 88% of people would stay on websites that have pages with videos involved

Video content isn’t new, but it is a strategy that has been proven and tested to keep retention rates all-time high. It turns out that close to 90% of people would enjoy a page much better if there were videos available.

Having video content available on your website doesn’t mean that you have to grab something from YouTube or other platforms. It’s always suggested that you create your content in context with what service or product you’re selling. It might be an expensive venture, but the production of original content will consistently deliver, and people would think that you’re committed to your products, services, and brand.

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