Seem Impossible? Means to Fund Your Tech Project that are Worth Trying, for Reals!

Seem Impossible? Means to Fund Your Tech Project that are Worth Trying, for Reals!

You may be struggling to find ways to start your own tech project. The number one problem that may be holding you back from establishing your online business-lack of funds! In case you aren’t aware, below are the useful means to fund your tech project that are worth it to utilize: 

1. Bootstrapping 

Bootstrapping is defined as the means to provide funding to your tech business on your own, without utilizing outside sources in doing so. You usually do bootstrapping at an entry level operating mode, when the operation of your online business has just begun. 

Your family members, relatives, friends, and other loved ones can invest funds for it to help you. You don’t have to necessarily be the only person who will provide funding for your new tech business. Personal financial help is usually better, in comparison, into entering into business loans. Business loans entail high add-on interest rates that you have to pay off, in addition to the funds borrowed. 

Bootstrapping gives you the peace of mind of not having to pay back business investment funds to people who you interact with on a personal basis, if your tech business is not successful. 

2. Crowdfunding 

Crowdfunding is similar to obtaining loans, pre-order funds, contribution or investment money from multiple people simultaneously. Any individual or entity you know and come in contact with can help you fund your tech business to help you become a successful online entrepreneur. 

The following steps comprise of the overall process on ways crowdfunding is done: 

  • The entrepreneur advertises the concept of his/her tech business on a crowdfunding website. 
  • The aspiring tech entrepreneur includes the specific details that are associated with the new business they plan to establish, on the basis of numerical figures and target deadlines for milestones achievements and success. 
  • The potential business owner shares the approximate amount of funds they need for the establishment of a new tech business. 
  • Investors invest money into the concerned online business by means of making donations and/or buying or pre-buying the products and services it sells and offers. 

3. Request Help from Angel Investors 

Angel investors are good hearted individuals, who are simultaneously interested in unique start-up businesses. Online platforms are good places where you can find possible angel investors. Google, Yahoo, and Alibaba are examples of online businesses that have been established as products of investments that angel investors made. 

Angel investors are usually people who possess surplus cash. These people may be groups of individuals who evaluate the uniqueness of entrepreneurs’ proposals. Angel investors invest on unique proposals that are sufficient to potentially take off in the business markets. What’s more, there are angel investors who provide bonus advice and business coaching to up and coming tech entrepreneurs, like you!

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that angel investors are usually only able to invest small amounts of money in start-up tech businesses. At least, however, these individuals help out in aiding the establishment and growth of businesses in small ways they’re able to do so. 

4. Ask for Business Investment Aid from Incubators and Accelerators 

Incubators and accelerators exist to provide customized aid to provide business fundings to start-ups (tech start-ups included), on an annual basis. These investors usually have the means to provide sufficient financial investments for tech start-up businesses to both be established, and potentially grow in the market. 

Dropbox and Airbnb are examples of online businesses that have been able to be of service to tons of customers, thanks to the aid of either the incubator or the accelerator program. The incubator and the accelerator programs are sources for potential successful professional connections with flourishing tech entrepreneurs, business coaches, investors, and other start-up business owners. 

5. Acquisition of Government Aid 

Your start-up tech business may qualify for government aid, depending on the region or country where your business is physically based or located. There are several national governments that see the value of investing in innovative businesses, that, in turn, may make substantial contributions to local economic growth. 

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