Want to Be a Digital Marketer?: 8 Skills You Must Have

Want to Be a Digital Marketer?: 8 Skills You Must Have

In the current trending digital era, technology skills are essential to succeed in the lucrative industry. Digital marketing is one of the rising in-demand markets in the said industry. If venturing into a career in digital marketing is something that piques your interest, read on below for the skills you must have:

Video Marketing Skills 

According to an article published in Digital Marketing Institute, 8 out of 10 people bought items after watching a marketing video online. Video marketing is a complex skill not many people may have. If you’re a beginning digital marketer, you may have to take a short course in digital marketing before you start working under your new job. 

Skills and Knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Most digital marketing activities take place in Google. A professional background in SEO, thus, is prerequisite into mastering how things work in Google search. Having knowledge and skills in SEM enhances digital marketer skills. The difference between SEO and SEM is that the latter comprises of paid ads, while the former doesn’t. Extensive study of keywords utilized in searches is the foundation of SEO. 

Content Marketing Talents 

Content marketing is closely associated with digital marketing. Sometimes, these two things can be separated individually. However, those instances are rare. Content marketing is done by writing and publishing content. So, if you want to become a digital marketer, you may find that there’s a need for you to write great and helpful content you can publish online. 

Data/Analytics Analysis Skills 

One thing is for sure: Numbers don’t lie! You’re likely aware that the statistical figures acquired from analyses of performances of search, social media, and Google analytics results comprise of the information you can truly trust as credible. Two of the popular tools in accessing and monitoring digital marketing data are Moz and Ahrefs. 

Have an Accurate Interpretation of Web Design

Although web design is not directly part of digital marketing, these two areas of expertise are somehow related. Websites need good designs. Without having appealing designs, there’s no way websites can go live online, and, in turn, be used for digital marketing purposes. 

Tech Skills 

Obviously, digital marketing involves the use of computer and other tech devices. With this said, you must be a tech expert to succeed in becoming a digital marketer. If you’re not good in technology, you may want to take short courses or trainings to initially learn basic computer skills. After you have mastered these skills, you can progress into taking classes that equip you to learn advanced and intermediate computer skills. 

The Power to Persuade People 

Digital marketing is similar to offline sales. The only difference between the two is that digital marketing involves online advertisements and selling. So, as an aspiring digital marketer, it’s best that you empower yourself with the ability to persuade people. The good thing about being a digital marketer, you’re only encouraged to doing the persuading online, and not in person. It’s easier to persuade people if you don’t do it in person. So, if you don’t have good persuading skills, you may still have the opportunity to convince potential customers to make purchases as a digital marketer. 

Make Your Unique Skills Stand Out 

One of the means to become a successful digital marketer is to be creative. Creative people usually have unique skills. If you still have not discovered the creative side of you, start exploring it now. Doing so should prepare you for what’s in store in your future job as a digital marketer. Once you have discovered your unique skills, don’t be shy nor embarrassed to let these skills stand out. Don’t believe things some people say about being shameful of being different. Remember, being unique is the source of conceiving something new and useful in this world, most of the time. Being unique may just lead you to do something positively influential.

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